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Artificial Intelligence Masters, Berlin, January 25, 2018

With artificial intelligence becoming increasingly important in today's technology-infused world, AI Masters wants to discuss with you how the relatively new and seemingly contradictory science of AI can be put to commercial use. AI Masters' Conference is the world's first conference all about artifical intelligence in marketing and e-commerce and launches for the first time in January 2018. More than 20 experts in the field, some of them from Google and IBM as well as other big players and startups, are going to speak at the conference on two parallel tracks. The conference is an ideal place for decision makers in their company to find out how to use machine learning, neural networks, dynamic creations and personal assistants to drive their company’s marketing success The dbb forum in Berlin provides an elegant and modern atmosphere to learn and connect. This year's partners are IP Germany and IT Works. On the following day, AI Masters offers two exclusive workshops, in which participation is only possible via an invitation from a sponsor.
Find out more about AI Masters' Conference on their website.