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ad pepper – Emediate sale to Cxense


Profile ad pepper media

ad pepper media is one of the leading international digital marketing services and technology solutions provider.
The company provides a broad range of display, lead generation, email, search en-gine and affiliate marketing services as well as semantic targeting and eCRM tech-nology solutions to media agencies, advertisers and publishers.
With 14 companies in eight European countries and the USA, ad pepper media is currently managing campaigns for thousands of national and international advertis-ers in more than 50 countries.

Profile Emediate

Emediate is a global leader in big data analytics, personalized content, and targeted advertising. Cxense empowers publishers with extraordinary insight into their online audience. Furthermore, using advanced, real-time big data technology, Cxense enables publishers to act upon the insight in real-time through targeted advertising, content, and search solutions.

Profile Cxense

Cxense provides businesses worldwide with extraordinary insight into their online users. Using big data analytics, Cxense enables their customers to put this insight to use through engaging content experiences and targeted digital advertising. Using Cxense products (Cxense Advertising, Analytics, Big Data, Content and Search), online businesses optimize content, drive advertising revenue and increase customer loyalty. Current customers include The Economist, Yomiuri (the World’s largest newspaper by circulation), Polaris Media, Naspers, Tamedia, Archant, and Grupo RBS. Company headquarters are in Oslo, Norway, with additional offices in the Ar-gentina, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Transaction Summary

Sell-side advisory to ad pepper media on the sale to Cxense.