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skobbler sale to Telenav

Press Release

About Skobbler

With offices in Germany and Romania, skobbler was the first company to launch a commercial navigation app using OSM (in 2010) for both Android and iOS devices and is available in app stores in 49 regions with worldwide map coverage. In order to do this, skobbler developed sophisticated algorithms that evolved OSM data from a display map to a navigable map. skobbler’s apps are top ranked and highly rated in multiple countries including Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

About Telenav

Telenav, Inc. provides personalized mobile navigation service in the United States and internationally. It offers Scout for phones and browsers, a voice-guided real time turn by turn personalized navigation service that helps consumers decide where to go, how to get there, and suggest things to do. It also provides Scout for Apps, an HTML5 browser-based voice guided navigation solution to developers for advertising and marketing purposes. In addition, the company offers Scout for Cars through on-board or off-board systems to help drivers search, find, and drive to places. The company distributes its services directly to consumers through mobile application stores and marketplaces, as well as through wireless carrier partners.

Transaction Summary

Sell-Side advisory to founder and major shareholder of skobbler on the sale to Telenav.