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  • M&A Consulting
  • International Fundraising
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Investments

M&A Consulting

Parklane Capital represents its clients’ interests in acquisition and sales processes, ensuring a consequent implementation of economic and strategic objectives.

While providing opportunities, the acquisition and sale of a company or division (M&A) is also one of the most complicated and significant business decisions.

We offer premium services for any transaction, independently of the project type and size. Our team benefits from great relationships with leading companies and financial investors worldwide.

Sell-side consulting

Parklane Capital supports entrepreneurs and shareholders in selling their shareholdings or complete companies.

Selling a company usually is a one-time and highly individual project. Company sellers face the challenge of meeting all expectations in addition to achieving the optimum sales price. We identify interested strategic partners and financial investors worldwide and ensure a discrete and quick sale of the business to the best possible conditions.

Buy-side consulting

Parklane Capital represents companies, private equity investors and management teams within business acquisition processes.

Dynamic companies are permanently looking for new growth opportunities. Acquisitions help to ensure increasing market share, added competitive advantage and access to innovative technologies. Through close collaborations with our clients we develop perfectly tailored growth strategies. Parklane Capital confidentially and professionally supports the complete M&A process from identifying and approaching potential target companies to structuring the transaction and final contract negotiations.

International Fundraising

Growth companies face the challenge of obtaining the perfect funding structure to match their development stage. In addition, founders and early investors have the opportunity to make partial sales in order to realise profits and reduce their personal risk.

The options have become more varied, international and complex. The number of potential financing partners and instruments has increased.

Parklane Capital supports entrepreneurs and companies in the following funding areas:

Venture capital and private equity

Investors provide the company with equity capital as new shareholders

Partial sales

Senior shareholders can sell parts of their shares in the company in order to reduce their risk

Debt capital

The best possible debt capital funding can be identified for the company

Equity market consulting

Preparing the company for the equity capital market requirements and a potential stock market listing

Strategic Advisory

In addition to traditional M&A and financing advisory, Parklane Capital offers comprehensive services for all issues related to those transactions:

Strategic advisory comprises of a number of services:

Exit preparation

Identifying and implementing the most essential drivers for maximising the future exit value

Special situations (succession, retirement of shareholders)

Developing strategic alternatives and assessing the impact for the company’s stakeholders

Working capital optimisation

Optimising the current assets with regards to liquidity and profitability

Fairness opinion & assessment

Assessing and providing an objective expert opinion on the transactions adequacy


Parklane Capital supports international private equity and venture capital investors in deal scouting and deal making in Europe.

In addition, we invest in promising technology, internet and media companies.

Our investments are based on the following criteria:

      • Focus on early-stage engagements within the technology, internet and media sector
      • Companies must provide a clear value contribution and demonstrate a notable, sustainable and strategic perspectiv
      • A strong management team with a proven track record and qualified staff
      • The business concept should be scalable